Cheer Max - 400 g

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MELBA's Cheer Max (Aqua Feed Supplement - Immune Booster for Shrimp) is a specially formulated feed supplement to provide high immune strength to the shrimp. 

Cheer Max™is a proprietary formulation of nutrients, trace minerals and special Immunostimulants for targeted development of shrimp immune system.

The special immunostimulant with regular use helps for healthy development of immune
system of shrimp. Active immune system of the shrimp will act as its own defense shield against pathogens.


  • Formulation combines various forms of vitamins, trace minerals and special
  • Provides excellent hepatopancreatic health and detoxification.
  • Provides natural defense against disease causing pathogens and protection of

Dosage & Application

  • For Reqular Dosage: 5 gm per kg of feed x 2 meals per day.
  • For Treatment Dosage: 5 gm per kg of feed x all meals x 7 days.

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