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Eco-Profix - Soil and Water Probiotics With Targeted Enzymes - 1 Kg

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The RBL's Eco-Profix is a right choice to improve the water quality by reducing the organic materials leading to eco sustainable Aqua system. 


  • Contains specific bacterial strains adopted to various environmental factors. 
  • Works in both aerobic and anaerobic environments facultatively. 
  • Creates probiotic environment in the eco-system and reduces BOD/COD level. 
  • Out-compets and helps to prevent the growth of pathogenic microbes like vibrio, protozoa, fungus etc.., 
  • Improves dissolved Oxygen level in the culture pond. 


  • A combination of selectively adopted probiotics, Specific enzymes and prebiotics with growth media. 


  • 500 g/ha or as directed by Aquaculture officer. 

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