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HEPATOMIX is a special feed supplement, which can restore and/or maintain Hepatopancreatic activity. The Hepatopancreas or digestive gland of Shrimp has the same function as that of the liver and pancreas in other higher animals. It is the main organ for food absorption, transport, secretion of digestive enzymes and storage of lipids, glycogen and a number of minerals. Its malfunctioning can lead to total destruction of the physiological activity of the animal.

What happens when Hepatopancreas is infected by pathogens?

  1. parahaemolyticus plays a major role in infecting the Hepatopancreas (HP), it colonizes in the gastrointestinal tract, produces potential toxins and causes dysfunction of Hepatopancreas in the early stage of Early Mortality Syndrome (EMS)/Acute Hepatopancreatic Necrosis Disease (AHPND).

The destruction process is followed by two steps: an acute phase and a terminal phase. In the acute phase, Hepatopancreatic tubule cells (R, B, F and E cells) show acute loss of function with significant acute sloughing of Hepatopancreatic tubule epithelial cells whereas in terminal phase there’s a total dysfunction of Hepatopancreas by bacterial colonization. 


  • Reduces the level of toxins accumulated in HP
  • Helps to complete digestion and induces appetite
  • Increases the nutrient storage capacity thus provoking regular molting and quick recovery
  • Maintains proper biotic community in the GI tract
  • Upon continuous feeding, reduces the chance of slow mortality syndrome

Composition: A blend of specially selected herbal extracts with the activity of Hepatopancreatic booster

Dose:15-20 gm/kg of feed in 1 meal followed by DISPEL WHITE 1 meal for 4-5 days in a week

Presentation: 1 Kg. PVC Container
Manufacturer: TAAS BIOTEK

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