Hi-Gest - 1 Kg

Hi-Line Aqua

Hi-Gest - 1 Kg

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Hi-Gest is the organic digestor to improve your pond bottom and contains a mixture of aerobic and anaerobic marine microbes for use in Shrimp ponds. The species selected are eco-friendly and non pathogenic to Shrimp and other plankton population. These selected microbes rapidly digest the uneaten feed, feacal matter, dead algae, etc. and withstand wide range of salinities, pH and DO.


  • Improve pond bottom environment
  • Release obnoxious gases
  • Digest, oxidise and mineralize organic waste
  • Maintain optimum pH, Algal bloom and DO level
  • Improve overall health and growth of Shrimp


Hi-Gest contains mixture of marine microbes 500 billion cfu / kg

Rhodococcus sp1        Rhodococcus sp2
Rhodobacter                Marine Bacillus consortium. 

Application & Dosage

Mix 2 Kg of Hi-Gest with 20 litres and apply all over the pond of one hectare for 10 days.

Product form: Light brown dry powder

Net weight: in 1 Kg pack

Manufacturer: Hi-Line Aqua

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