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Hikari Fancy Guppy - 22 g

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Hikari Fancy Guppy (Hikari Aquarium Fish Semi-Floating Food) is ideal for Guppies, livebearers & small tropical fishes. A daily diet which helps them to develop their full natural beauty. 


  • A soft granule ideal for all sizes of Small-Mouthed Fish. 
  • Promotes natural beauty & predictable growth. 


  • Rich in linolenic acid which has been proven to promote predictable growth and proper form while activating the natural breeding habits of smaller livebearers like guppies. 
  • Contains iodine derived from seaweed which helps maintain condition and build strength. 
  • Includes Chitosan, a natural ingredient, which helps support immune system health. 
  • World's smallest manufactured granules. It softens quickly yet will not dissolve thereby allowing ready access to its outstanding nutrition. 

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