Hikari Oranda Gold Mini - Aquarium Fish Food


Hikari Oranda Gold Mini - 100 g

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Hikari Oranda Gold Mini (Hikari Aquarium Fish floating Food) is ideal for all better quality or fancy goldfish, especially Oranda, Lionhead, Azumanishiki and Ranchu. A floating formula utilizing bio-technology to offer superior coloration & a nutrient profile formulated for desirable form. 


  • Excellent growth characteristics. 
  • Supports immune system health. 
  • Promotes desirable, True Lionhead development. 
  • Outstanding live food alternative. 


  • These uniquely blended, carefully selected ingredients provide marvelous growth while promoting desirable head development normally not possible without feeding live foods. 
  • Through Bio-Technology we can help your pet develop coloration not normally possible in UV deficient, Indoor aquariums. 
  • A floating pellet which won't cloud or stain your water and helps you avoid over-feeding by visually monitoring what your pet actually eats. 

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Customer Reviews

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