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It is a powerful chelating agent and can chelate with several cations including the transition metal ions. It can also bind with metal ions through 4-6 bonds as shown in the figure.

Minerals play an important role in the nutrition of aqua-culture. Many times, mineral salts are added to aqua ponds, indiscriminately, hence, there is an improper balance of one or more essential cations. HYDROSOFT overcomes this problem by chelating the excess minerals and correcting the cation levels for the growth of shrimp and fish.

How it works:

HYDROSOFT is a powerful cationic surfactant, phase transfer agent and chelating agent. Shrimps and fishes easily absorb and assimilate chelated minerals.

Formula - C10H16N2O12 often associated with Na or Ca  


  • Maintains proper balance of essential  minerals in the pond water
  • Due to chelating, the minerals are easily taken by the aquaculture resulting in good growth & molting
  • Improves survival rate
  • Colour and profile of phytoplankton improves
  • Less quantity of minerals is required for proper growth

Composition: Di-Sodium EDTA in purified form

Dose: 500gm to 1kg/1000m3 once in a fortnight

Presentation: 1 Kg. Aluminum foil

Manufacturer: TAAS BIOTEK

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