Liv Yeast - Pure Concentrated Live Yeast - 4 Kg


MELBA's Liv Yeast (Aqua Live Yeast / Quick Fermentation / Aqua Feed Supplements) is a pure concentrated live yeast culture specifically formulated for feed supplement to get better growth and improve shrimp health. 

Pure live yeast produced by State of the art technology.

Liv Yeast™strain helps to improve the shrimp/fish feeding rate and feed absorption. 

Develops as a covering on the shrimp gut epithelium, inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria in the gut.

Results in a better FCR and good growth of shrimp/fish. 


  • Protects shrimp intestinal epithelial wall and prevents pathogenic bacterial growth in the gut.
  • As feed supplement, it improves shrimp gut health,better food absorption, better FCR and results in good growth.
  • Improves shrimp immune system and disease resistance. 

Application & Dosage

  • 3 - 5 g/Kg of feed for all meals. 

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