Merry Gut - Probiotic for Shrimp Gut Health - 400 g

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MELBA's Merry Gut (Probiotic for shrimp gut health) is a high quality gut probiotic to be used as feed top coat in shrimp. It is composed of composed of bacillus strains , Lactic acid bacteria and Yeast. 

The Bacillus and Lactic acid bacteria work in conjunction for hampering the development of the pathogenic bacteria in the shrimp gut by competitive exclusion and other methods. 

The Yeast strains cover the shrimp gut and provide the defence shield against localisation of the pathogenic bacteria. 


  • Improves shrimp gut health, better feed utilization and FCR. 
  • Prevents colonization of pathogenic vibrio in shrimp gut. 

Dosage & Application

  • 3 g/Kg of feed to be mixed with required quantity along with the required quantity along with Melba Flinka Gel ™, shade dry the feed and broadcast.
  • Recommended to use Merry Gut in all meals. 

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