Pond Guard - 1 Kg

Pond Guard - 1 Kg

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Pond Guard (Natural pond sanitizer)

Pond Guard is a specialized disinfectant and delivers a broad spectrum of anti-microbial effect to improve water quality. It is effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoans, molds, and yeasts.  It suppresses the growth of Vibrio sp., prevents slime build-up and the formation of biofilm. The ideal concentration and sustained release of atomic oxygen make it penetration throughout the pond and provide a total solution against pathogens.


  • It is an alternative for regular disinfectants in the market and does not leave any harmful residues.
  • It is categorized under GRAS (Generally regarded as safe) and hence safe and eco-friendly.
  • Provides long-lasting water contact to promote sustained farm sanitization and the formulation is designed to suit all pH range.
  • It works by burning/oxidizing the microorganisms through atomic oxygen. It inactivates bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa; by disrupting the integrity of the bacterial cell wall through the oxidation of phospholipids and lipoproteins.
  • It damages the viral capsid and upsets the reproductive cycle and inhibits cell growth.


A blend of calcium salts in a matrix that generates atomic oxygen on dissolution.

24 hrs before PL stocking: 1-2Kg/Acre of 1-meter water column
Maintenance: 1Kg/Acre once in 10 days during the entire culture period.
Higher Vibrio Load: 2Kg/Acre once in 10 days till returning to normal. 


Recommendations: Broadcast the powder directly into the pond as per the dosage. Run the aerators during the application.

Net wt: 1Kg
Storage: Store this product out of direct sunlight under cool and dry conditions. Use within 24 months from the manufacturing date.
Brand: The Waterbase Limited

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