Pran Raksha - White Spot Controller 750 g


Pran Raksha - White Spot Controller 750 g


World's 1st product with RNA silencing therapy to protect from white spot infections. 


It contains a blend of novel arti­ficial chimeric RNAs targeted to silence viral genes and viral receptors and excipients.

Benefits :

  • Prevent viral entry through receptor down-regulation.
  • Targeted viral gene silencing through RNA interference.
  • Perfect defence against white spot virus.
  • Boosts immunity & results in higher survival of shrimp.

Dosage :

For the first two weeks after stocking: 3g/Kg of feed in all meals 

From 3rd week:  2 days per week

The therapeutic dose in the infected farm can be adjusted depending upon the level of infection or as per the advice of the Aqua Technician.


For better results: Mix Pran Raksha with Oligomax gel and coat the mixture uniformly over the feed. Dry the pellets for 15 minutes before feeding. 

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