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Pro - B Aqua - 1 L

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The Rallis India's Pro - B Aqua is a proprietary formulation of 14 strains naturally occurring beneficial microbes. It is totally organic product and non-antibiotics input for Shrimp farming. It is meant for soil as well as water application. Pro - B Aqua is part of world class BioAH USA range of animal health probiotic products brought to you exclusively by Rallis India Limited. 


  • Removes the Sludge, decomposes organic matter and activates pond bottom.
  • Promotes healthy phytoplanktons.
  • Improves water quality, prevents DO depletion.
  • Controls toxic gases like Ammonia and Hydrogen Sulfide.
  • Improves pond carrying capacity. 
  • Controls Vibrio by competitive exclusion. 
  • Improves Shrimp FCR. 

Dosage & Composition

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