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Super Protector - 5 Kg

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TATA Rallis India's Super Protector is formulated by experts of Rallis with world class Prebiotics, WSSV entry inhibiting agents that helps in building resistance against WSSV in Shrimps. 

Shrimp farming suffers heavily from WSSV infection and has become major epidemic in the recent times. WSSV enters the shrimp body by establishing contact with receptors present on the surface of some of the cells. It is proved by the scientists that disruption of interaction of VP28, VP37 & VP39 and other critical proteins with shrimp cell surface receptors reduce WSSV infection by limiting the process of viral entry into the shrimp body.  

Rallis Super Protector is a prophylactic solution against viral infections. This is designed to disrupt the interaction of molecular receptors present on the virus and receptors present on Shrimp cell surface thus protecting the Shrimp from WSSV and other viral infections for a longer time. 


  • Builds resistance against WSSV.
  • Excellent feed binding properties. 
  • Improves feed intake & FCR.
  • Accelerates shrimp growth.
  • Reduces culture period.

Dosage & Application

  • 25 ml - 30 ml per Kg of feed throughout culture period in all meals or as advised by Aquaculture officer. 
  • Dilute required amount of Rallis Super Protector in equal or suitable amount of water and coat uniformly over the feed pellets. Shade dry the coated pellets and use for feeding shrimp immediately. 

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