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The aqueous environment is quite unpredictable to some extent due to which one can often misjudge requirement & supply. Elevated stocking density and lack of good management practice (gmp), can adversely affect the health of shrimp. Scientific research is also far behind in this field compared to other sectors. Proper decision in the event of syndrome is quite difficult and even if you could make one, it is hard to implement. In such a scenario a cocktail product like SURVIVAL may act better unless hyper syndrome appears.

How it works

Several factors like deficiency in nutrition, stressful environmental conditions, accumulation of harmful gases and improper management practices, etc. affect the health and productivity of aquaculture which in turn adversely affect the profitability.

SURVIVAL is especially designed to cover major deficiencies in the feed. Also, its pigments help in providing attractive colour to the shrimp. Hence, it is an ideal solution for the multiple problems in shrimp culture


  • One solution to many problems
  • Maintains proper moulting cycle
  • Its probiotic part can have a role in good intestinal health
  • Brings out an attractive color which helps to fetch a good price
  • MOS and Glucans are very useful to raise non-specific defense mechanism
  • Increases survival percentage cost effectively

Composition & Dosage

It is a blend of all macro and micro minerals, including selenium and is enriched with carotenoids, glucans, MOS, Bacillus, Lactobacillus, Pediococcus, Saccharomyces, etc.,

Dose: 5 - 15 gm/kg of feed, depending upon the body weight and animal health conditions.

Presentation: 1 Kg. Aluminum foil
Manufacturer: TAAS BIOTEK 

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