TATA Rallis Fish Growth Booster


Fish Booster - 5 Kg

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TATA Rallis India's Fish Booster (Fish Growth Medicine/Supplements) is formulated with world-class prebiotics & enzymes for fish. Fish booster helps in digesting the feed rapidly, making the nutrients bio-available and further controlling harmful bacteria in the gut leading to rapid growth & improved health of fish.  


  • Accelerates feed intake. 
  • Improves FCR. 
  • Accelerates weight gain. 
  • Reduces culture period. 
  • Improves meat quantity. 
  • Organic product. 
  • Fish Growth Promoter

Dosage & Application

  • 2 ml - 3 ml per Kg of feed throughout the culture period. 
  • Dilute the required quantity of TATA RALLIS FISH BOOSTER in an equal or suitable amount of water and coat uniformly over the feed. Shade dry the feed and use for feeding the fish immediately or as advised by the Aquaculture officer. 

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