vc-9 1Kg

vc-9 1Kg

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VC-9 (Water treatment probiotic for vibrio control)

Baylife VC-9 os a high-power probiotic for vibrio control in shrimp farms. It improves the water quality by selectively controlling vibrio pond water and sediment.


  • Terminates factors that cause infection in shrimp due to vibrio bacteria.
  • Maintains optimum water quality by restricting proliferation of vibrio.
  • Quick generation of select strains of Bacillus spp, Aerobacter spp restricts proliferation
  • Effective in controlling Vibrio spp in high saline pond conditions.
  • Highly recommended prior to stocking and also at later part of culture, when organic loads are high when vibrio control becomes highly necessary.


Selected high potent strains of Bacillius spp, Aerobacter spp (>3.16 * 109 cfu/gm) etc., along with suitable activator and carrier.

Contains suitable short time germination activator for quick proliferation of probiotic bacteria upon application to the pond.

Impregnated in a suitable carrier to ensure high active spore viability even during periods of extended storage. 

Initial Dosage: 2Kg/acre *1m water height
Regular Dosage: 1Kg/acre *1m water height (Once in 7-10 days)
Treatment Dosage: 4Kg/acre *1m water height

Recommendations:  Mix the required quantity of Baylife VC-9 in freshwater of ratio 10:1 (10 liters of water for every 1kg of VC-9).

Aerate the solution for 4 hours and then apply to the pond. No brewing or brewing medium required. Do not use any disinfectant like Iodine, Formalin, BKC, etc., When Baylife VC-9 is used.

Net wt: 1Kg
Storage: Store this product out of direct sunlight under cool and dry conditions. Use within 24 months from the manufacturing date.
Brand: The Waterbase Limited 

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