Viracle - White Spot Syndrome ( WSS ) Controller


Viracle - White Spot Syndrome ( WSS ) Controller


VIRACLE is a prophylactic solution against viral infections. VIRACLE is designed to disrupt the interaction of molecular receptors present on the virus and receptors present on shrimp cell surface thus protecting the shrimp from WSSV and other viral infections.


  • Helps in improving the resistance to virus.
  • Reduces the virus entry into the shrimp body.
  • Enhanced shrimp growth.
  • Improvement in FCR.


25 to 30 ml of VIRACLE per kg of shrimp feed or as directed by the consultant. To be used from second day after seeding.


VIRACLE to be mixed with sufficient water and then sprayed on shrimp feed. The feed to be dried for 15 to 20 minutes before applying in the pond. For better results, VIRACLE may be combined with KARYOVIR. Usage of VIRACLE in combination with KARYOMAX+ helps in very faster growth.

Contents of Viracle :
Virus deactivating agents, Herbal extracts, Enzymes, Binders and Stabilizers.


To be stored in a cool shady place and avoid direct sunlight.

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