Viranil (1 KG)

Viranil (1 KG)

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ViraNil, a disinfectant developed by Neospark , a versatile Biosecurity product,
powerful, proven to be effective against all types of pathogenic virus, bacteria,
fungus and protozoa and is a biodegradable, ecofriendly product, As it have multi-
component oxidising system in which a wide range of compatible biocides attack

A balanced, stabilised blend of peroxygen compounds, surfactant, organic acids
and an inorganic buffer system. 


Prawn/Shrimp Pond: ViraNil 500 gm. to 2 kg./ha or advised by consultant

For prevention of Diseases:  Apply ViraNil once every fortnight according to water quality. 
For treating Diseases: Apply ViraNil once every 3-5 days or as advised by Aquaculture Consultant. 


  • Suitable for complete control - aerial, surface and water system disinfectant.
  • High levels of surfactancy with acidic and oxidising power provide superior
  • destruction of biofilms. 
  • Powder for easy storage and transportation and accurate dilution – readily soluble in tepid water. 
  • Consists mainly of inorganic salts which decompose into harmless by-
  • products,more than 90% biodegradability.


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