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Virus Protector - 500 g

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TATA Rallis India's Virus Protector (To prevent WSSV disease in Shrimp) is formulated with a prophylactic agent that delays and/or prevents ill effects of various viruses in Shrimps. 

Several host pathogen interactions have been mapped with respect to White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV) infection. The interaction of any virus with its host's cellular receptors initiates a chain of dynamic events that enables the entry of virus into the host cell. 

Researchers have reported that intramuscular injection of antiserum against WSSV's major envelope protein VP28 was able to neutralize WSSV infection of L.Vannamei in a concentration - dependent manner. VP37, VP38 and a couple of over 97KDa proteins have been identified as VAP's which would interact with a range of host proteins. 

Rallis Virus Protector is capable of disrupting some of these critical host protein interactions and thereby preventing a possible entry of viral particles into the host thereby increasing the longevity of Shrimps which otherwise could have resulted into certain viral infections. 


  • Effective against free virions
  • Imparts resistance against viral infections
  • Delays viral infections
  • Contains virion deactivating agents 
  • Scientific approach to delay viral infections
  • Boosts immunity

Dosage & Application

  • 2 g - 3 g per Kg of feed in all meals throughout the culture period or as advised by Aqua Technician. 
  • Dilute in suitable quantity of water and coat uniformly over feed or as advised by Aqua Technician. 

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