VIT-MIN+  Molting Booster for Shrimp


VIT-MIN+ Molting Booster for Shrimp

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Calcium suspension with Vitamins and digestive enzymes


  • Eases moulting in shrimp.
  • Supplies important micro-nutrients required by shrimp.
  • VIT-MIN+ helps in promoting growth rate and improves survival rate.

Dosage :

10-20 ml VIT-MIN+ per kg of feed.


Mix the required quantity of VIT-MIN+ in water and that mixed water to be sprayed on the feed. Allow the feed to dry for 15 minutes before feeding to the shrimp.


Ca, Mg, Phosphorus, Vitamins (D3, B12), 9 enzymes including Phytase, Amylase etc., & extracts of “Shatavari” and “Jeevanthi”

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