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Vita C & E - 500 g

  • Rs. 1,035.00
  • Save Rs. 564

The RBL's Vita C and E is a product of highly bio-available Vitamin C and E and other essential elements of cell growth and physiological functions. 


  • Improves the survival rate and immune response by up regulating haemocytes. 
  • Helps in reducing animal stress during pathogenic infection. 
  • Helps in building body mass & promotes the growth rate. 
  • Protects lipids of biological membrane from oxidation by acting as antioxidant. 
  • Regulates moulting and quick formation of exoskeleton of the animal. 
  • Increases intestinal absorption and helps in weight gain and better FCR. 


  • Normal condition - 5 g/Kg of feed
  • Under stress condition - 10 g/Kg of feed

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