Zeolyf - 25 Kg


Zeolyf - 25 Kg

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Baylife Zeolyf (High “CEC” Zeolite)

Baylife Zeolyf is refined micro crystalline hydrated alumina silicates having very high “Cation Exchange Capacity” which purifies and deodorizes through adsorption of toxic gases by exchanging the cations and makes pond eco-friendly.


  • Improves pond bottom through exchange of calcium ions with ammonium ions.
  • Purifies pond water and deodorizes toxic gases like NH3 & H2S helps to grow planktons and balances the essential oxidized minerals for sustainable growth of shrimp and fish.
  • It is a processed microcrystalline zeolite with a tetrahedral structure, which is high in calcium as the calcium ions are easily exchanged with ammonium ions.
  • It also contains other ions such as sodium, potassium, magnesium etc., that supports cation exchange.
  • It indirectly maintains the phytoplankton, by increasing the travel of sunlight in the water and increases DO.

Composition & Dosage

Essential deodorizing material and oxidizing agents of hydrated calcium alumina silicates with 300+ CEC from natural origin.


Pond preparation: 30-40Kg/Hectare
During culture: 25Kg/Hectare
Broadcast the ZEOLYF, mixed with sand directly to the pond or mix with water at 1:5 ratio as per the recommended dosage and ensure it is spread all over the pond. Run the aerators during the application.
Net wt: 25 Kg
Storage: Store this product out of direct sunlight under cool and dry conditions. Best before 36 months from manufacture.
Brand: The Waterbase Limited 
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