ZERO SLUDGE – G Pond Bottm Cleaner 5 Kg


ZERO SLUDGE – G Pond Bottm Cleaner 5 Kg


Comprehensive pond bottom management solution


Consortium of Microbes, Probiotics, Enzymes, Herbals & Microbial Immobilisers.

Benefits :

  • Digests organic matter from pond bottom and clears organic sludge.
  • Increases DO and reduce Ammonia, Sulfide and Nitrites.
  • Protects shrimp and fish from viral and bacterial diseases by eliminating pathogens.
  • Improves pond ecology, shrimp survival and FCR.
  • Decomposes uneaten feed and reduces BOD and COD.

Dosage :

Pond preparation:

5 to 6 Kg/acre (Before stocking)

After stocking:

1 Kg/acre once in 11 days during culture from the 30th day.


Broadcast ZERO SLUDGE-G uniformly over the pond to let the granules settle down at the pond bottom or as advised by the Aqua Technician.

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