Check Tray Feeding Management

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Why is check tray monitoring important?

Feeding tray or check tray is used to check the uneaten feed, health and survival rate of shrimps and also to check the pond bottom condition. Proper feeding management may lead to reduce the feed cost by utilizing the feed properly and prevent the excess organic loads.

What is check tray?

Check tray is basically a net with square or round iron frame with edge height of not more than 5cms. Feeding tray usually have an area of 0.4-0.6 m2.

Check tray installation?

Place of check tray installation is an important factor.  Check tray should be placed near the bottom 1.5 m away from the slope of the pond dyke. It should be placed in a clean area and away from the aerator and sluice gate and corner. They are usually tied up with a rope and fixed in a particular position with a catwalk.

Points to remember in check tray monitoring

  • For a 1 hectare pond at least 2-4 check tray should be needed.
  • Check trays have to be fixed after 30-45 days of seed stocking. 
  • After monitoring the check tray they must be cleaned regularly and left to dry under sun. Keep an additional check tray in stock for emergency purposes.

Check tray feeding:

Feeding should be 4-5 times per day with time interval of 4 hours. At the time of feeding, place approx. 0.5 % of total feed in individual tray. Check the remaining feed after 2-2.5 hours. This time will be reduced to 1-1.5 hours in the later DOC’s. 

Check net feed

Check the leftover feed in check tray and based on that make changes in the next day feed amount of the same feeding time. 

Check net Feeding

Check net Feeding

Check net feeding - aquaculture

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