Menace in Disguise: Blue Green Algae in Shrimp Ponds

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Ever wondered what those slimy green things floating over ponds are?

Yeah right!! Algal Bloom. Not only that they smell disgusting, but they also pose a serious threat to shrimps in the pond. Blue-green algae are highly toxic and appear when the Nitrogen, Phosphorous levels are in the ratio 7:1 (Studies say!).

Surprisingly both nitrogen and phosphorous are present in shrimp feeds.  Here’s what happens:

Step 1: You overfeed the shrimps

Step 2: Uneaten feed gets accumulated in the pond

Step 3: Nitrogen and Phosphorous levels increase

And BOOM! Algal bloom!

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How it impacts your pond:

First of all, they grow and cover the pond surface like a thick green blanket. As they grow thicker other organisms in the pond die.

The toxins released cause diseases in shrimps!

With more food in the pond, cyanobacteria use up the dissolved oxygen in the water which will suffocate the shrimps inside. If not controlled early, these can impose serious damage to the shrimps in the pond.

Here’s what can be done to prevent Algal Bloom:

Overfeeding should be stopped (since this is where it all starts!)

Adding Phytase enzyme to the daily diet (helps shrimp digest the phosphorous in the feed)

Aeration increases the level of oxygen in the water!

Regular water exchange

Mentioned above are the best practices that we already know of. Putting it all to practice is the key!


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