Geo-Zen (Granule)

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Geo-Zen (Granule) - 20 Kg

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The RBL's Geo-Zen is a product of natural Zeolite which is a natural mineral having unique characteristic and binding properties. 


  • Provides precise & specific absorption of noxious gases in the aquatic system.
  • Controls the problem of muddy & mouldy smell.
  • Helps to improve solubility of Oxygen and maintains better phytoplankton growth in culture pond..
  • Regulates pH & stabilizes the water quality
  • absorbs suspended solids & toxic contaminants in the water.


Essential components SiO2 Al203 Fe2O3 CaO Na2O MgO
Content % 50-63% 11-18% 1-3% 2-5% 1-2% 1-4%


  • During Pond preparation : 100 Kg/ha
  • During Culture : 50 Kg/ha depending on stocking density or as directed by Aquaculture officer. 

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