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Hikari Discus Biogold - 80 g

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Hikari Tropical Discus Bio-Gold (Hikari Aquarium Fish Sinking Food) is ideal for any discus & tropical fish who require higher protein levels. A color enhancing, Daily diet developed for the unique nutritional requirements & eating habits of Discus, especially those being Bred. 


  • Accelerated growth & rapid weight gain
  • Promotes Beautiful & Natural coloration


  • Made from a perfect blend of proteins, indispensable amino acids, necessary vitamins and select minerals that offers a nutrient package that can effectively replace beef heart. 
  • Developed to bring out the brilliant natural coloration discus are known for. 
  • A highly-porous pellet that immediately softens, is easily digested and will not crumble or fall apart even during your discus typical eating routine of repeatedly taking the food in and spitting it out. 
  • Advanced formulation process to develop a diet used exclusively to breed wild-caught discus without supplementation

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Customer Reviews

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