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MIN-VIT Boost - 5x1 Kg (Pack of 5 PCs)

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TATA Rallis India's MIN-VIT Boost is formulated by experts that reduces the stress during moulting process. Enzymes, Vitamins & Minerals contained in Rallis MIN-VIT Boost helps in formation of new shell.  

Shrimp grows in size and weight by casting off the existing exoskeleton and growing a fresh exoskeleton, which is called moulting. During this, Shrimp sheds the existing shell and the outer skin hardens into a fresh shell by absorbing proteins and minerals. 

For hardening of the shell, minerals like calcium and phosphorous in good quantities are essential. The deficiency of these minerals result in a disease called "soft shell". 

It is observed that these essential minerals are more concentrated in pancreas and less concentrated in the outer shell. By providing feed supplements containing these minerals in sufficient quantities, we can control the "soft shell" disease. 


  • Helps reduces the stress during the moulting process and helps in formation of new shell without any deficiencies.
  • Contains calcium, phosphorous and magnesium minerals in proper ratio in addition to Amylase, Protease, Mannanase and Phytase enzymes. These four enzymes helps in better integration of the minerals into the shrimp body by balancing the nutrition. 
  • Contains Vitamins D3, B12, and K helping the shrimp for fast growth and attaining good health during moulting process.

Dosage & Application

  • 10 ml - 20 ml per Kg of feed 3 days before moulting and 4 days after moulting.
  • Dilute in suitable quantity of water and coat uniformly over feed.
  • Or as advised by Aquaculture officer. 

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