PARACIDE - Herbal Fish Lice Controller


Paracide LQ (Herbal Fish Lice Controller ) - 1 L

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Finray Biotech Paracide LQ (Herbal Fish Lice Controller for Fish) comes with first time sparkling technology to formulate anti parasite Paracide LQ for sustainable freshwater and marine fish culture. Argulus spp can be a major threat to fish health because heavy infestations can cause significant morbidity and mortality. In addition, fish lice are known to be the vehicle for other fish diseases. Paracide LQ is the one stop solution for the control of Adult and Spore condition of Fish Lice (Argulus) in culture fishes. 


Biodegradable innovative compounds with inert carrier and adjuvant. 


  • Very effective for the control of Adult and Spore condition of Fish Lice (Argulus) in culture fishes. 
  • Effectively controls Argulus by disrupting the life cycle of parasite and reproductive process. 
  • Clears reddening or inflammation on the Fish body or fins and raised scales. 
  • Cure swelling and open wounds or lesions area of Fish. 
  • Does not hamper the water quality parameters or pond environment. 
  • Does not affect Gill and GI tract of Fish.
  • Treat ulcers and open wounds and rapidly repairs damaged, split or ragged fins and tails. 

Dosage & Application

  • Early Stage : 500 ml/acre (5 ft water depth)
  • Acute Condition : 1 L/acre (5 ft water depth)
  • Product mixed properly with 100 Lt of water (for 500 ML) or 200 Lt of water (for 1 L) and apply to the whole pond water. 
  • Product should be applied in day time. 
  • Important : The product to work as a thumb rule, no pesticide use minimum 10 days before application of Paracide LQ. Product should not apply in Nursery and stocking Ponds. 

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