Godrej PRO-ACUA W - Shrimp Water Probiotic

Godrej Agrovet

Godrej PRO-ACUA W - 1 Kg (200 g * 5 Packs)

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The Godrej Agrovet's PRO-ACUA W is a water probiotic for shrimp which has synergistic formulation of unique probiotic strains that aid the health and growth of shrimp. 


  • Pro-Acua W produces enzymes that decompose organic matter. 
  • Pro-Acua W eliminates pathogenic Vibrio by exhibiting competitive exclusion. 
  • Pro-Acua W synthesizes osmolytes that stabilize the water quality parameters. 
  • Pro-Acua W eliminates the potential pathogenic microbes through the release of anti-microbial substances. 
  • Pro-Acua W facilitates the growth of beneficial phytoplanktons. 
  • Pro-Acua W is capable of performing in a wide range of pH and salinity.

Dosage & Composition 

400-500 grams/acre at least 1-meter water depth or as directed by Aquaculture Consultant. 

Composition : 

Unique blend of beneficial microbes (5 BSG Bacillus sp).

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